Information Sharing Alipay Chain

Is a decentralized advertising informationresource sharing and payment platform based on block chain and digital encryptiontechnology. It is dedicated to building Alipay in the field of information resources


ISAC(Information Sharing Alipay Chain) is a decentralized advertising informationresource sharing and payment platform based on block chain and digital encryptiontechnology, Through ISAC token, information callers can complete the payment oftransaction, rent and purchase of information resources, realize the safe transmission andconvenient transaction of massive information, and strengthen the liquidity, security,fairness and confidence of information resources and intangible value assets. Moreover,with the ultra-low cost information exchange and circulation as the breakthrough point, hecan master the advanced L. A. U. B Logic Analysis of User Behavior) technology throughAI and big data analysis to create a new path of information sharing and payment with highaccuracy, high display and high transformation.

Industry Pain Spots
There are barriers between the subjects who own information resources, so it isdifficult to transfer information resources in large quantities
Due to the opaque stock of information resources is not, there may be repeatedcollection of the same information resources within the industry. At the sametime, the communication cost is high during transaction
Pricing is arbitrary when information resources are traded, and there are nonormative standards and market supervision
It is difficult to confirm the copyright of information resources, so piracy isunavoidable
The security of a large number of information resources is extremely important.It must not be damaged, lost or leaked, so the cost of security is high
There is no uniform standard and system for information resources, and theinformation resources of different subjects should be assimilated for further usewith high cost
Once information sharing is open, it will be easier for information resources to beleaked and pirated, so there will be greater challenges for security

Encrypted Digital Credentials and Identification

According to the cryptographic principle, the user will get theprivate key by using ECC (Error Correction Code), and the data will be encrypted by usingISAC to have the public key, while the ownership confirmation can only be realized bydecrypting the owner's private key.Only by possessing the absolute control right of the private key of the digitalencrypted assets can the decryption be realized, so as to achieve the confirmation of theinformation assets. To possess the private key means to possess the digital assets, and toconfirm the right of the digital assets corresponding to the digital identity certificate basedon the private key, so as to ensure the security of the incentives obtained by advertisers andusers.

POP Consensus Mechanism

POP combines the ideas of POS and DPOS. The basic principle of POP is the Proof ofP-articulation algorithm based on account participation. POP combines the ideas of POSand DPOS, which not only ensures the fairness of equipment, but also has the consensus ofISAC community. It has the characteristics of low power consumption, faster speed, safer,to ensure the fairness and community consensus. SHA256 algorithm is used to provideinterests proof of rights for nodes through consensus mechanism. Providers publish theirinformation resources to block chains through authentication services, allowing allwitnesses' accounting nodes to testify for themselves.

Decentralized DAG Storage Technology

The user data involved in the community is extremely complex, risky and requireshigh data storage. Only when the integrity and security of the data are guaranteed can thetargeted information resources be put into use through precise analysis. Moreover, thetraditional block chain storage is inefficient. ISAC uses DAG storage technology, whicheffectively guarantees the smooth, efficient and secure recording of the information releaseand invocation of the massive users who access the trading system.

API Design with Open Source

ISAC ecosystem provides an open framework, in which all owners, creators, callersand disseminators of any information resource can participate. API interface is mainly forthe greater autonomy of information providers. When they need to develop their ownDAPP, they access the ISAC ecosystem through the API interface, use the ecologicalresources to realize their creativity, and provide high-quality information resources andtoken incentives for community users. The third party can upload the data to the platformand obtain data through API. In the process of acquiring the data, the third party needs topay a certain TOKEN, which is acquired by the traded user.
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